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    Click on the link below to see our Washer Toss and Ladder Golf being played.

    Wicked Eye Video:

    The perfect game to play at home, or take with you to a friends house or to tailgate. The Wicked Eye "Washer Toss" was designed, built and molded in our California factory, if this makes a difference to you and we hope it does. Please spread the word to your friends on where they can purchase quality AMERICAN MADE products at fair prices.

    This washer game is made of durable ABS plastic and will provide many years of fun game time. Strong enough to withstand most normal wear and tear and should last for years of enjoyment. This unit comes with custom built Soft Coated Washers, a combination of plastic and over molded rubber to offer you the best tossing experience possible. You get both a soft grip when tossing as well as nice bounce. .

    Our custom washers wont beat up your concrete or nice hardscape, walls, patio furniture or vehicles like metal washers do. Makes for a more comfortable game knowing metal washers are not being thrown all around, damaging your belonging and your most prized possessions, young kids.

    Washer unit dimension: L 16 3/4" x W 16 3/4" x T 7 1/2"


    1 Shipping Box ( also use it for storage when not in use)

    2 Scoring Units

    8 Washers ( 4 Black & Green & 4 Green & Black )


    NOTE: You may also purchase an extra spare set of our soft washers. Many people who already have a washer toss game contact us so they may switch out their metal washers to our soft coated washers.