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  • Clip On Hat Face Shield - COHFS-2020
  • Clip On Hat Face Shield - COHFS-2020
  • Clip On Hat Face Shield - COHFS-2020
Price: $11.99


    Add clip on Face Protection to your favorite hat


    Our American made Clip On Hat Face Shields were built for Americans by Americans! This reusable face shield comes with a medical grade PETG plastic shield that is .02" Thick. The custom clips that connect the shield to the hat are produced from a Celcon plastic that holds memory and keeps tension for a sturdy fit. These injection clips are lightweight yet durable for work or every day life.

    Use this C-O-H Face Shield on your favorite HAT to protect your face anytime you need too. Whether you are wearing it out in public, doing yard work, or basic daily work functions where light debris, or dust may get into your eyes. Feel confident that you will continue to breathing easy as our Hat Shields do not cut off your oxygen.


    Before using, please remove the dual sided protective coating on the shield, then snap the clips to the punched holes. For flat brim hats you may want to use the top 5 punched holes. and for curved brims hats use the top center 3 and the 2 outer lower punch holes as this will fit the curve better. Snap into place and you are ready to adhere to the hat.

    Simply align the center clip of the shield with the center of your brim. Push the center clip on till it stops, then work the clips to the left and then to the right and secure. It's ready to use.

    Clean with a spray glass cleaner and lightly wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not rub too hard, your shield will look great with a quick wipe and allow to finish air drying.

    When storing in your car, do not leave on your dashboard in direct sun. Cars get extremely hot and may warp the shield. If you keep in your car like most do. place your hat shield right over your head rest to store when not in use. It keeps it out of the way from potential mishaps of a passenger stepping on it. If you choose to wear it in your home, find a safe location where it is handy and ready to grab on the go.

    Follow simple rules and your Hat Shield stay in good condition a lot longer.

    Our clear face shield are also replaceable. No need to purchase more clips, just popped off the hat clips and snap into a brand new shields also sold by Wicked Eye in multi-packs or reach out to if you would like to discuss wholesale purchases.

    We know you have a lot of options and we value you buying and sharing this American Made product with your family, friends, and co-workers.