The Wicked Story

There is a story because two kids at age 5 met.

This was the starting point in which the two became friends and would soon be joined at the hips to embark on a life long journey. From Elementary School and on they explored life and enjoyed the ride. By the time there were 15, they were riding their bikes everywhere. They would not think twice about riding 15-20 miles to and from the beach, or heading over to Jack Rabbit Hill for some fun and adventure. But new adventure would come soon enough when they would speak of the secret spot. Everyone who lived in or around the neighborhood growing up knew of the secret spot aka "Barnes Plastics" Not everyone was invited at first nor was it wasn't easy to find, even if you knew how to get there.

And back in those days, you pretty much had to ride by memory as there was no GPS and what kid would take out a Thomas Guide to find their way around? Nope it was good old trial and error to figure out where it was. Eventual the secret spot was being shared outside of the core group. It was a treat to take knew people on the ride, never knowing at first what you would get, but knowing it would be worth the hunt. At times there would be a string of bikes rolling down to the plant to see what freebies or discarded parts could be found. They knew that by digging in the old cardboard trashcan that could turn up some nice rewards the youngsters. Yeah it was a little dirty in the cans, but no one minded. An off color pair of grips, or discolored skateboard wheels were not junk to the teens, it was like GOLD.

Tons of trips to the secret spot and tons of great scores week in and week out, The press workers caught on to the weekly trips and finally stopped throwing the bad or imperfect parts it in the trash cans and saved them in bags for when they arrived. The duo enjoyed being there so much that took on part time work during the summer doing piece work to earn spending money. When they ran out of money the two would go to the Redondo Beach Pier and Scott would dive for change. Dennis would stay up top and get passer byes to toss some extra change in to watch Scott chase it and he chasing it he did. Scott would wade in the water while spectator would watch people toss coins off the pier into the water. Scott would time the coins hitting the water so he could still see the shimmer quarters, dimes and nickles before they got to deep and out of reach. Scott got pretty good at it. Sometimes they would score big, and when they did it was Churros, Hot Dogs and sodas for lunch.

Through Middle School and High School the teens worked and played hard. Camping in Glamis with Scott's uncle and his cousins. Many perks of working there gave them 3 day weekends. There was a lot to learn being around heavy machinery and fast turning drill presses and they were quick learners. It was like their own TRADE SCHOOL on U.S. mold building and manufacturing. Seeing the molds being built was fascinating and watching molds in action and producing parts was the grand finale.

Chuck Walker the owner, and Scott's uncle was always building something cool, tearing something apart or fixing a broken machine. With the plant having a full machine shop with every tool imaginable a lot was going on during the work day as well as weekends. Scott and Dennis were hooked life fish spending more time at the plant more often then they even realized.

Scott and Dennis are both married and of course were the Best Man in each others wedding, both raising families, Scott 3 and Dennis 2, and just like life itself they fast forwarded into 2007 where the two started kicking around the idea of starting their own business within the only business they knew. There was no doubt about it, they were going to do it. It wasn't till late 2008 that the mills were turned on, molds were being cut and products were being built. It was at that time that Wicked Eye Products, LLC was formed and the two have been bringing new products to life ever since, at a place they both consider their home away from home.

Scott Piepmeyer Co-Founder ( )

Dennis Nelson Co-Founder ( )